Introduction about Likas Group of Companies

LYSC is a leading recruitment agency based in Manila-Philppines, Authorized by Philippine government with DO-174 cater our service to our distinguished clients and companies. We have more than 20 years of experience in the Philippines Market. During this period we recruited thousands of workers with well qualified and versatile experience professionals.

We have been recruited different categories of manpower: unskilled labor, semi skilled trade persons, qualified engineers, chartered accountants, and many more. We have currently 5,000+ employees to different companies all over the Philippines.




To achieve excellence in handling products and services in a manner responsive to the changing needs of our principal, yet also operating the company on a financially responsible and profitable basis. We must at all times represents our company in a positive and favorable light to the field force, staff and the public at large. Above all, we strive to be legally compliant and socially responsible in all the localities we operate.


LYSC commits itself to the pursuit of a leading position in providing multi - lateral services in the business industry by being globally competitive and a world-class company, with efficient and effective organization that will offer a wide range of services to its many clients all over the world.


LIKAS: where talent meets purpose

At LIKAS, we believe exceptional recruitment goes beyond matching skills to roles. It's about connecting individuals with opportunities that ignite their passion, empower their growth, and contribute to something bigger than themselves. Our name itself embodies our guiding principles, serving as a constant reminder of who we are and what we stand for:

Loyalty: Not just to our clients and candidates, but to the power of human potential. We walk alongside them every step of the journey, fostering lasting relationships built on trust and unwavering support.

Integrity: We do things the right way, always. Transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct are at the core of everything we do. We earn trust through consistent professionalism and genuine care.

Knowledge-driven: We stay ahead of the curve, immersing ourselves in industry trends, market nuances, and talent insights. This translates into informed solutions, strategic decision-making, and unparalleled results for all.

Action-oriented: We don't just talk, we deliver. Our proactive approach ensures swift, efficient, and results-driven recruitment. We prioritize action with purpose, moving quickly without compromising quality.

Strength: From our extensive network and dedicated team to our unwavering commitment to excellence, we bring the strength needed to empower both individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential.

LIKAS is more than just a recruiting agency. We are partners in your journey, dedicated to finding the perfect fit where talent thrives and purpose is met. Let us help you discover your true LIKAS TALENT.

<h3>LIKAS: where talent meets purpose</h3>